Quincy Harris Morning Show Exclusives

Civil rights attorney Benjamin Crump has a new book called “Open Season.” In his book, he gives an analysis of legal tenets including the 13th Amendment, the 1951 Genocide Petition to the United Nations, and the controversial Stand Your Ground laws. He explores how race detrimentally influences sentencing and reveals how police unions protect officers […]

Former co-president of OWN and HARPO studios, Sherri Salata called in as a surprise for Producer Sarah. LIKE The Quincy Harris Morning Show on Facebook Producer Sarah is reading a new book called The Beautiful No by Sherri Salata. She is a former producer of the Oprah Winfrey Show who went on to become the […]

Tony Gaskins has a new book, Make It Work: 22 Time-Tested, Real-Life Lessons for Sustaining a Healthy, Happy Relationship. He dropped gems on us about how cheating on your partner is not only time consuming, it takes away from your goals and money that you could be making and putting toward your relationship. He talked about […]

Will Smith took to his very popular Instagram page to announce that he and “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F–k” self-help author Mark Manson are collaborating on a new book. “I’m writing a book! I got years and years of stuff I want to say, and I’m finally going to write a book […]

Quincy interviewed his friend and author, Alexis Clark about her new book, “Enemies In Love.”  Here is the book summary from Amazon A true and deeply moving narrative of forbidden love during World War II and a shocking, hidden history of race on the home front. This is a love story like no other: Elinor […]

We interviewed Darnell Moore, author of the book No Ashes In The Fire. During the interview, Darnell told us a story about growing up in Camden, NJ When you’re 10 and 12 they are trying to make you be a black man. I didn’t fit that, I wasn’t playing football, I wasn’t playing basketball, I wasn’t […]

Encouraged by her mother, Nia Mya Reese penned "How To Deal With and Care For Your Annoying Little Brother."

We all have had a little stage fright but this is more like a stage nightmare! Well on the bright side he got some promo for his books!

Best-selling erotic author, Risque, is back and she’s turning up the heat with her newest book, Smooth Operator (One World/Ballantine – September 2010; $14). Smooth Operator is the story about Lyfe a black Adonis and one of the most powerful businessmen in the country. But there’s a catch: His superior is his gorgeous wife Payton, […]