So Beautiful

Thanks to this fashion brand, you don't have to wait for our triflin government to issue that $20 Tubman bill.

The Grammy winner's lady parts smelling sticks are made from the ashes of her burnt panties!

Regardless of her size, fashion blogger and influencer Lauren E. Williams is more than worthy to have her seat—in the front row—and to have her picture taken.

It’s national lash day! Today, we celebrate those glamorous strips that can enhance any beauty look in the most glorious of ways. We get it, lashes aren’t the easiest makeup staple to perfect. It took us a while too. You might be intimidated by the process or overwhelmed by the many options in the lash […]

Uzo Aduba made us fall in love with her character “Crazy Eyes” on the hit Netflix drama Orange is the New Black. Since then, we’ve learned that she is a skilled opera singer, an extremely talented actress, and a stylish dresser. Uzo’s red carpet appearances have landed her on the best-dressed list a time or […]

"I think that is important for these conditions to be represented on a runway because nobody's perfect."

Two years ago, life as I knew it came to a standstill, and I experienced a fear that today I still can’t verbalize. Although this wasn’t the first time I had encountered fear, it had never halted my living until that moment. December 11, 2017, was the day I met my crisis. This was the […]

It’s impossible to scroll social media without coming across the many heartfelt tributes to Kobe Bryant. Sunday, the world received the crushing news that the helicopter carrying Kobe Bryant and eight other passengers, including is 13-year-old daughter, had crashed into a Calabasas hillside. His sudden and tragic death inspired an outpour of motivating stories about […]

If you're tired of giving Fenty your coins, this post is not for you.

“I don't do what I do for compliments or anything like that but, I feel like a lot of times what I do can go overlooked.”

I gave up on edge control a long time ago when I realized it just didn’t work for me. By the time I would walk from the bathroom to the front door, the gel would have liquified and would be dripping down my face. (I have 4c hair). That, however, didn’t stop me from using […]

Source: Nikita G / @nikita___G Hair artist and brand founder Nikita G gave birth to a beautiful baby girl Kross Marjorie-Rose, affectionately called Krossy, a few month ago, whom her followers watched grow before their eyes. Then one day, Kross showed up on their timelines…bald (and even more stunning). Her little curly baby hairs were […]