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Alexis Clark

Source: Sarah / Radio One

Quincy interviewed his friend and author, Alexis Clark about her new book, “Enemies In Love.” 

Here is the book summary from Amazon

A true and deeply moving narrative of forbidden love during World War II and a shocking, hidden history of race on the home front. This is a love story like no other: Elinor Powell was an African American nurse in the U.S. military during World War II; Frederick Albert was a soldier in Hitler’s army, captured by the Allies and shipped to a prisoner-of-war camp in the Arizona desert. Like most other black nurses, Eleanor pulled a second-class assignment, in a dusty, sun-baked—and segregated—Western town. The army figured that the risk of fraternization between black nurses and white German POWs was almost nil.

Brought together by unlikely circumstances and racist assumptions, Elinor and Frederick should have been bitter enemies; but instead, at the height of World War II, they fell in love.

Enemies In Love

Source: Sarah / Radio One

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