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Darnell Moore

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We interviewed Darnell Moore, author of the book No Ashes In The Fire. During the interview, Darnell told us a story about growing up in Camden, NJ

When you’re 10 and 12 they are trying to make you be a black man. I didn’t fit that, I wasn’t playing football, I wasn’t playing basketball, I wasn’t out there doing any of that stuff I was dancing and singing-big ole glasses and I was picked on a lot. Back then I would think it was because people thought I was gay but I didn’t have a sense of who I was at that time. Most of the time when we are violent or responding to people it’s because of their gender presentation, the fact that they don’t fit the script of what a boy or girl is suppose to be.

The boys surrounded me, jumped me, these were neighborhood kids and one of them doused me with a gallon of gasoline and tried to light a match. It was a strange incident because the wind kept knocking the flame out 

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