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No one knows who invented music, but what we do know is good music can come from any genre, and we have been grooving since the beginning of time!

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From clapping our hands, to marching to the beat of our own drum with the world earliest percussion instruments, to the state of the art technology we have today, music has transcended beyond our wildest imagination.

In 1894, Billboard magazine hit the scene, which changed the way we grade music forever. A weekly magazine that provided music charts, news and opinion reviews, became the newest crescendo accomplishment for musicians.

Chart Data just dropped the list of artist with the most entries on the billboard hot 100 in billboard history.

Some of the notable names you expect are on the list, but there are some newcomers who made such an impact since their musical debut, that their fanbase but them in this position.

Check out the artists with the most Billboard Hot 100 entries below!


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These Artists Have the Most Entries on the Billboard Hot 100  was originally published on

1. NBA Youngboy (103)

NBA Youngboy (103) Source:Getty


JUSTIN BIEBER (105) Source:Getty

3. JAY-Z (105)

JAY-Z (105) Source:Getty

4. LIL UZI VERT (106)

LIL UZI VERT (106) Source:Getty

5. ELVIS (109)

ELVIS (109) Source:Getty


TRAVIS SCOTT (111) Source:Getty

7. CHRIS BROWN (114)

CHRIS BROWN (114) Source:Getty

8. NICKI MINAJ (132)

NICKI MINAJ (132) Source:Getty

9. LIL BABY (136)

LIL BABY (136) Source:Getty

10. KANYE WEST (141)

KANYE WEST (141) Source:Getty

11. FUTURE (167)

FUTURE (167) Source:Getty

12. LIL WAYNE (185)

LIL WAYNE (185) Source:Getty

13. GLEE (207)

GLEE (207) Source:Getty

14. TAYLOR SWIFT (212)

TAYLOR SWIFT (212) Source:Getty

15. DRAKE (298)

DRAKE (298) Source:Getty