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It was a night of surprises at the State Farm Arena as ATL's finest reunited on stage. During Latto's set at Hot 107.9's Birthday Bash, Usher made an unexpected appearance, delivering a memorable performance that had the crowd buzzing.

Errrbody love Latto! In a historic moment for both the ATL music scene and the hip-hop industry at large, Latto took center stage as the first female headliner for Birthday Bash.   Big Latto performed hits like “Put it on da Floor” and “Sunday Service,” she has earned respect around the hip hop game […]

More than three quarters of Black people support reparations and a stunning 85 % link slavery and its legacy to current socio-economic problems for Black people. The post Maintaining Focus: Reparations And Black Celebrity Crimes appeared first on NewsOne.

Birthday Bash Atlanta weekend is here again! You know what that means right?! Hot 107.9 hits the city every year with star-studded lineup, and this year was no exception. History was held at State Farm Arena, the weekend kicked off with our annual ‘Who’s Hot’ contest to see who will be the lucky winner to […]

Apparently Jaylen Brown can check off another accomplishment in this year he is having: To Date the hottest woman in the WNBA. 

Grandmothers… Authors… Women of God… Now, hosts of TV One’s all-new series Raising Fame. Sonya Curry and Lucille O’Neal are exemplary women in their own rights; truly forces to be reckoned with! Oh! And by the way, they’re the mothers of NBA all-stars, Steph Curry and Shaquille O’Neal. But step aside, sons. This spotlight is […]


Clarence Thomas went out of his way to dissent in an 8-1 Supreme Court decision upholding a law banning domestic abusers under restraining orders from legally having guns. The post Clarence Thomas Goes Out Of His Way To Dissent As SCOTUS Upholds Gun Law Protecting Domestic Abuse Victims appeared first on NewsOne.


WASHINGTON, D.C.— The Supreme Court is upholding a federal law that allows domestic abusers to be banned from owning a gun. The 8-1 decision was handed down Friday by the high court. “Since the founding, our Nation’s firearm laws have included provisions preventing individuals who threaten physical harm to others from misusing firearms,” said Justice […] The post Supreme Court Upholds Law Allowing Ban On Domestic Abusers Owning Guns appeared first on WIBC 93.1 FM.

“The Pop Out: Ken and Friends” took place last night on Juneteenth evening at the Kia Forum in Inglewood, CA. This event follows the recent rap feud between Lamar and Drake and is being held in celebration of Juneteenth. The concert’s titled hinted that Lamar might invite some special guests to join him on stage […]

SAINT JOHN, Canada — Actor and anti-war activist Donald Sutherland – known for his decades-long career in film, television, and on stage – has died at the age of 88 following a “long illness.” Sutherland‘s first credited acting role was as a Switchboard Operator in the series “Studio 4” in 1962. He later starred in […] The post Actor and Activist Donald Sutherland Dies at 88 appeared first on WIBC 93.1 FM.

Yesterday Kendrick Lamar hosted his Juneteenth ‘Pop Out’ event. The event was split into three sections: the first showcasing West Coast artists under DJ Hed, the second featuring talents brought by “Not Like Us” producer Mustard, and the third headlined by Kendrick Lamar. Before Kendrick hit the stage, DJ Hed warmed up the crowd with […]


BATON ROUGE, La. — Louisiana is now the first state to officially require the Ten Commandments be displayed in all public classrooms. The new law calls for a poster-sized display of the Ten Commandments to be put up in all classrooms from kindergarten through public universities by the beginning of next year. A so-called “context […] The post Louisiana to Display the Ten Commandments in Classrooms appeared first on WIBC 93.1 FM.