DeSean Jackson collaborated with the Eagles instagram on a 'tribute' post, thanking DeSean for his services, where he was quoted 'I'll always be an Eagle".

After over a decade, the Eagles decided to bring back the jersey that truly represents the 1990s era of Eagles football.

DeVonta Smith and Mya Danielle took to Instagram on a collaborated post, posing in style. "To our unborn you were made with so much love.

As is it a sad day for Glenn Rivers, Philadelphia fans took to social media to rejoice the departure of their former head coach. 

 After being snubbed for the past two years for a joker, Embiid pulled out the royal flush!

Footage reveals Harden as his entourage at the Flamingo in Las Vegas, Nevada when Harden chastised a man before slapping him

Here are twelve tunes for your party or playlist to set the tone for your team to make the right pick in this years NFL Draft!

In an interview with the Players Tribune, Joel Embiid disclosed how he was taught to shoot the basketball.

After rapper Lil Boosie gave Jasmine Carson her new nickname, the LSU senior took to twitter to confirm that she now has a new twin.

MLB’s New Pitch Clock Rule: America has seemed to have found an answer (so far) to stop baseball games from lasting so long. So what did the MLB do? To speed things up on the field to help improve the efficiency of the pace of play in MLB games there will now be: a 30-second […] The post MLB’s New Pitch Clock Rule Makes A Difference On Opening Day appeared first on 93.5 / 107.5 The Fan.

In his latest GQ sports interview, Philadelphia Eagles QB Jalen Hurts listed '10 things Jalen Hurts Can't Live Without'. Including Chapstick.

Some may say that sports fans witnessed the most senseless. ejection in sports history, as Realmuto was ejected from a preseason game.