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A former member of Meek Mill's entourage details maltreatment of his Dreamchasers camp and Meek Mill's mistreatment of Nicki Minaj

Ariana Josephine, A social media creator, has started the #HomeDepotBae trend after posting herself in her Home Depot uniform.

Twitter has been buzzing with folks putting in their in-law applications after Lee Ralph posted on social media a picture of her son

Imagine if these unrelated-yet-identical actors actually got together and played siblings in a Hollywood project!

The pandemic caused a lot of people to relocate to find a better way of living. There’s a new survey that gives the top cities that people moved to and the ones they moved away from in 2020. Check it out below:     There were a lot of people leaving big, expensive cities, or […]


Our lil bebe, Dani Leigh has been working very hard this year. It was only right for her to take a mini vacation and kick back for a second. Dani took us on her vacation  with these photos and MAN!  Ms. Dani Leigh came through with all that body!  Fresh off the vacation their has […]


What in the Women’s History Month is happening here!? We wanted our forever first lady to run for office but she is clearly busy doing other things. Mrs. Obama  was having a grand ol’ time at the Christina Aguilera show in Las Vegas. During the show a male dancer approached Michelle and got his Megg […]

There are very few artists from the early 2000s that we actually good artists. Remember, that was a time when you could create a beat on your phone and sell a million ringtones in less than a few months. So having actual talent was not a recommendation for that era. But Jojo was one of […]

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Over the weekend, we wrote about Wendy Williams and the man we thought was her man. In our defense, we had more than enough reason to believe that William Shelby was Wendy’s new boo. She posted several pictures of the two cuddled up, hands on knees, leaned in, smiling at the camera—or at each other. LIKE US […]


You thought the petty wars was over? Sike! They just started. Draya Michele & Ex Fiance Orlando Scandrick started sending some shade to one another on social media. Draya and Orlando have recently split after being engaged for four year. Former bench warmer for the Philadelphia Eagles Orlando Scandrick has been sending subliminal’s towards his […]


Last week, we wrote about the celebrities who hopped on their social media pages to discuss Zaya Wade and the recent announcement that she is trans. Aside from people within the trans community, the public response from celebrities has been largely negative. But over the weekend, rapper Cardi B. had some thoughts on the subject […]

Kanye West‘s Sunday service is known for flipping popular tracks into soulful gospel ballads. And on most occasions, they’ll invite famous singers to come and put their spin on classic records. It’s gotten so big that they choir even hit the stage at Coachella last year. https://twitter.com/GForceTweets/status/1169327799389343747 Everyone from Sia to DMX have hit the […]