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A Philadelphia YouTube sensation who built a following presenting his lavish lifestyle to the public, will now be forced to forfeit the very possessions and more. Sources say after two years of federal investigation, Bill Omar Carrasquillo, better known as ‘Omni in a Hellcat’, was named in a 62-count federal indictment for conspiracy to commit copyright infringement, tax evasion, money laundering and fraud. Carrasquillo pleaded guilty last year and was sentenced Tuesday to five and a half years in prison and to forfeit over $30 million in assets, including: cash, luxury sports cars, and properties purchased throughout Philadelphia and its surrounding areas.

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“Thirty million dollars is a lot of money [but] tangible objects aren’t everything,” U.S. District Judge Harvey Bartle III said in announcing the punishment during a hearing in federal court. “You have a large following and there may be people who think if you can get away with it, they can too.”

Carrasquillo, 36 year-old product of North Philadelphia, has gained a huge following over the years via social media. Over 1 million instragram followers and more than 800,000 youtube subscribers get an insight of Carrasquillo’s luxurious manner of living. Displaying his collection of cars including: Porshces, Lamborghinis, Bentley, McLarens and a his signature Dodge Charger SRT.

Carrasquillo was disappointed in his behavior and expressed his sympathy to his judge and his family. “I really didn’t know the significance of this crime until I was picked up [by the FBI] at my home,” he said. “I feel like I let everybody down.”

Carrasquillo ran an illegal cable providing service in which he provided subscribers hundreds of movies and TV shows and access to multiple live cable channels and pay-per-view events for less than $20 a month.  All of the content being provided was pirated from legitimate services like Verizon FiOS, and DirecTV and Comcast.

“This was illegal the entire time,” said Jason Gull, a senior attorney in the Justice Department’s Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section. “The message to the general public and Mr. Carrasquillo’s many, many fans is that this was a serious offense that should yield significant punishment.”

After being sentenced, Carrasquillo took to Instagram for his reaction. “Facing 27 and a half years — I just got senteced today. I felt like the Judge was super fair, he heard everyone’s testimony about my character, everyone who came to court” Carrasquillo said in his Instagram story. “The judged ordered me to 66 months in federal prison, which I feel as though is fair”.

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