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Singer K. Michelle shared with the public on December 17th that her most esteemed grandfather, Theodore Jamison had passed. K. Michelle also shared with us just how special of a relationship she and grandfather had.

“Oh what a bond to break. My main man. Yesterday I lost my grandfather. I lost my heart and probably the last little bit of chill I have left. I don’t know how I will ever forgive you God for this. We need him. We just celebrated your 92nd birthday grandpa and you were so happy. We spoke about you seeing my movie premiere with me and my country album and you were so excited. How dare God take that away from us. I was not ready for this. I am angry, I am hurt, I am destroyed. I need you here. You are a Superhero Theodore Jamison. You raised eight kids by yourself! You raised your grandkids. You raised a whole community,” she explained of her loss.

Her grandfather, Jamison made several appearances on her VH1 reality series “K. Michelle: My Life” which ran from 2014-2017 . K. Michelle explored that not only was he respected in her as the parent he was, but he was also respected in all of Memphis.

“Everybody in South Memphis [knew] and love Mr. J. You are legendary. Your knowledge alone was enough to change a person’s whole mindset. I would sit and just listen to the many lessons you would teach. Never once have I ever seen you angry or raise your voice. The sweetest most humble man. When you walked in the room people knew you were a man of great substance, a powerful man. Never once did you judge me even through all my wrongs,” she continued.

In a time of uncertainty, where the amount of people who don’t wake up in the morning only begins to increase and a time where you need to hold on to family the most, it’s not easy to have lost someone so close to you that has known you your entire life. Especially near the holidays.

“How we supposed to have our traditional Christmas breakfast without my main man? And I know they say don’t question God, but really why? Why now? My mother’s Bday is on Christmas why take him from her like that? I guess I’m not supposed to say it but this is  f—— up. You have my word Granddad that I got her. I’ll forever and ever and ever be speaking of your greatness and shouting out your praises.’ Cause I ain’t no Grand Daddy like mine. My hero❤️,” she concluded.”

No details regarding Jamison’s death have been released. Nonetheless we keep K. Michelle in our prayers and pray for her strength and healing during this time.