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Trayvon Martin‘s parents appeared on CNN, voicing their opinions on Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law. This week was the first public meeting of the 19-member Task Force on Citizen Safety and Protection and they examined Florida’s Stand Your Ground law and some folks on the panel did little to dispel the myths of the law having a strong bias on what exactly it’s supposed to be.

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“I’m not opposed to the law. I still feel that there is something wrong if a minor, a kid, a teenager–was shot and killed and pursued by an adult and he’s not with us. I think they need to look at that law and really fix it,” Sybrina Martin lamented.

According to Huffington Post, members of the panel on the Florida Stand Your Ground Law have been criticized for being extremely Republican–resulting in uproar of people angry believing that the law is ambiguously written, which  has allowed some misapplication. Marissa Alexander anyone?

“We need to amend it to have a ‘Trayvon Martin Amendment” to say that you can’t initiate a confrontation and then say, ‘I was standing my ground.’ That’s a terrible message,” Martin family attorney, Benjamin Crump stated. And I agree 100%. That’s exactly what George Zimmerman did and why his prosecution is taking so long is beyond me.

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