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Rihanna’s Twitter account is getting her in trouble again. The singer is angry with MTV Canada for reporting on a fake tweet that was sent from her account yesterday morning.

Her message reportedly read: “I admit, I provoked Chris [Brown] to hit me. It was not entirely his fault. #ImSORRY.”

Assuming this was breaking news, MTV Canada (and a slew of other websites) reported on the matter without thinking twice.

However, not surprisingly, Rihanna denies that these were actually her words and ripped MTV Canada a new one, writing: “are u f—ing kiddin me?????? You’re supposed to be a RELIABLE source for news on music and this is the bulls— u post?”

In response, MTV Canada sent out a defense tweet, saying: “We were reporting on a story that was posted on several sites today. We had no intention to be salacious.”

If the tweet did, in fact, exist, it has since been deleted. Besides, we highly doubt Rihanna would ever announce something like that to her fans.

Do you think Rihanna’s account was hacked? Should MTV have done better research? SOUND OFF!

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