Keep up with us on Facebook!   K-CI of Jodeci saw Jermaine Dolly’s Blessin The Hits of Jodeci’s Freakin You that he flipped into Blessin You. Follow us on Twitter!  K-CI reached out to Jermaine and said he wanted to come on the show. He talked about how Jodeci was formed, how DeVante had actually driven […]

At this point, it's no secret that cable television knows the power of black viewership.

Michelle Obama Outdances Jimmy Fallon We love our FLOTUS. What other First Lady do you know who can get down like this?! Jimmy Fallon and…

If you watched Mary J. Blige’s VH1 Behind The Music special, you may have gotten inspired or even shed a tear. Mary told a short version of her life story to VH1. There was no way Mary could do that without mentioning K-Ci of Jodeci who was once a major part of her life. The two […]