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The Streets have created a new catchphrase to replace the slang term ‘pause’.
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XXL reports that social media users are using the phrase “No Diddy” in place of ‘pause’, a word that’s used after an individual makes a remark that can be deemed homosexual.

Social media was introduced to the phrase “No Diddy” on  March 19th on DJ Akademiks’ podcast. The contentious creator interviewed musical artist Quilly.

Who Invented the term ‘No Diddy’?

Philadelphia rapper Quilly mentioned the phrase ‘No Diddy’ multiple times throughout the interview. Most notably when he said ‘All the young bulls love me, I put ’em in positions, no Diddy’

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Quilly also got the phrase trademarked, and now owns rights to the phrase.

“My team get the job done” Quilly posted on Instagram. “I officially own #NoDiddy
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Why is the term ‘No Diddy’ Popular?

Since the term has surfaced the internet and gone viral, many celebrities have trying to fit the phrase into their vernacular.

Rapper, and Actor 50 Cent has cosigned the saying, attempted to have at it on social media. “oh, I fvck wit son that’s my man No Diddy. I’ll Boom you right Now! Fvck outta here! LOL” 50 Cent captioned on Instagram.
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I put ’em in positions, no Diddy’ – Quilly

Streamer and Influencer Kai Cenat reacted to the new trend and seemed to take a liking to the saying. “I ain’t gon’ lie… No Diddy you heard?!” Cenat entourage shouted.
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While it’s a hot topic, other media members of the pop culture circuit says it doesn’t have longevity. Mase from the ‘It Is What It Is’ podcast featuring Cam’Ron, used the phase when referring to Anthony Davis being a ‘big dawg’ and ‘alpha’. After he coined the phrase, there was a silence, then laughter for the next thirty seconds. They agreed in unison that it sounded a little off to immediately replace ‘pause’.  “It just got a different…something to it,” Mase said. “I don’t know about that one”
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Check our what social media is saying about the term ‘No Diddy” below!

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