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Nailed by toots manicure

Source: Toots / Nailed by Toots

Pop the champagne corks, indulge in chocolate truffles, and decorate your space with flower bouquets. Valentine’s Day, aka National Love Day, is only a few days away! Whether you have date plans for the holiday or choose to celebrate solo or with friends, it’s important to show yourself some love and attention, too. And one of the best ways to love on yourself is to check off the self-care box with a trendy manicure. Valentine’s Day manicure ideas are rightfully having a moment, and it would be a shame for your nail game not to fall into proper formation. After all, even if you don’t have a Valentine, no rule says that you can’t flex a trendy manicure.

When most folks think of Valentine’s Day manicure ideas, pink hearts, xoxo inscriptions, and bows immediately come to mind. However, many beauty mavens have expanded their horizons with the trend — think minimalistic designs to bold and daring nail art. Not to mention, some folks prefer to keep things simple with color gradients or dazzling solo shades. In other words, the possibilities are endless for a Valentine’s Day-approved nail creation.

If you’re an avid HelloBeautiful reader, then you know that we take pride in keeping our readers up to date with the latest trends. So, if you’re unsure of where to turn with your Valentine’s Day manicure, we’ve got you covered. It’s time to bookmark this article and get your manicurist on speed dial. 

From pink chrome nails to modern French designs and cow prints to negative space nails, we’ve compiled nine of the best Valentine’s Day manicure ideas to get you through the love holiday in style. Even better, you can also mix and match specific designs to create your own flair. Happy Scrolling and of course, Happy Valentine’s Day!

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1. Pink Gradient

Source:Courtesy of Noir Nails

Gradient nails are always a stylish win. In the case for Valentine’s Day, this creation features different shades from the pink palette for a trendy finish. 

2. Pink Heart French Manicure

Source:Courtesy of Nails by Cynthia `

This playful twist on the classic French manicure is the perfect way to usher in National Love Day. This design includes the traditional heart nail art without going over the top.

3. Negative Space With Clear Heart

Source:Courtesy of Nails Ideas Magazine

Negative space nails are a timeless trend that shows that less is truly more. This nail set combines a French manicure with a clear negative space heart as an accent for a modern-meets-chic manicure. 

4. Chocolate Nails

Source:Courtesy of L.I. Beauty Scene

Brown may not be the color palette you have in mind for V-Day, however, it is on brand with he delicious chocolates we love to indulge in. Fo folks that prefer to steer away from classic reds and pinks, this manicure is a stylish change of pace that can go beyond the holiday.

5. Heart Tips

Source:Courtesy of The Nailologist

Hearts already bring on the awe-factor, but this rendition of the nail design adds the perfect touch of edge. Instead of flaunting a center design, the hearts are slanted at the tip to give French manicure tease with a modern twist.

6. Red Dazzle

Source:Courtesy of Embrace.Nails

Calling all minimalists! If bold nail designs were not on your bingo card for V-Day 2024, keep things simple yet trendy with a red glitzy manicure — minus the rhinestones. It’s wearable, chic, and can elevate just about any ensemble you dream up.

7. Tic-Tac-Heart Nails

Source:Courtesy of Dreams Makeup

Let creativity reign with your V-Day nail theme. Combine tic-tac-toe designs with a twist of love and you’ll likely dream up this design. If making a statement with your nails is the ultimate goal, you’ll pass the test with flying colors. 

8. Floral Nails

Source:Courtesy of The Peach Nail

Flowers and Valentine’s Day go together like oxtail and rice peas. So, it makes sense to extend the floral love to your fingertips. This design sets the foundation to add more florals into the mix or custom details to make it your own. 

9. Nude Marble Nails

Source:Courtesy of 3D Nails & Lashes

Classic designs on the brain? Nude marble nails are perfect for the occasion. This vintage-inspired manicure provides a clean, crisp, and versatile look that stands apart from other holiday designs.