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Ahmaud Arbery was hunted and gunned down two months ago, but the world is reacting now and wants justice.

Amid the COVID-19 global pandemic, folks are taking to the streets, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook timelines to speak out about the vicious murder of Arbery, who was only guilty of the new crime of jogging while Black in a neighborhood outside Brunswick on February 23.

When the video first hit the web, the outrage was instantaneous as people soaked in the visual of Arbery trying to fend off his attacker and who delivered the fatal wounds from the shotgun he tried to wrestle from away from former police officer Gregory McMichael’s son.

Celebrities, politicians, and athletes have all sounded off condemning the two white men who hunted down Arbery, who they claimed fit the description of man responsible for home break-ins in their neighborhood. LeBron James, who never bites his tongue, spoke out on Twitter.

“We’re literally hunted EVERYDAY/EVERYTIME we step foot outside the comfort of our homes! Can’t even go for a damn jog man! Like WTF man are you kidding me?!?!?!?!?!? No man fr ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!! I’m sorry Ahmaud(Rest In Paradise) and my prayers and blessings sent to the heavens above to your family!! #StayWoke #ProfiledCauseWeAreSimplyBlack

Tap dancing sports FOX Sports analyst Jason Whitlock called out James for his tweet and caught well-deserved heat for his tweet.

Anyway, the Hip-Hop community, especially from the city of Atlanta, has been very vocal about Arbery’s death and sharing information about the peaceful protest calling for the arrest of the two men that killed him. Arbery’s birthday is tomorrow, May 8, he would have been 26. Instead, he lost his life doing what he loved.

You can peep the reactions below. Rest In Power Ahmaud Arbery.

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