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Ann Ward has won the title of “America’s Next Top Model” in Cycle 15. If you don’t know her by name, you may remember her causing a bit of controversy back in August when she auditioned: Why Is Tyra Supporting “World’s Skinniest Waist” On “Top Model”? [VIDEO]

At the time, the 6’2″ Texan claimed she had the “world’s smallest waist,” which Miss J Alexander then put both of his hands around until his fingers met.

Tyra Banks later apologized for airing the clip as a promo for the show, but the incident didn’t stop Ann from winning the modeling contract, spread in Italian Vogue and $100,000 Cover Girl Cosmetics contract.

Being so tall and so thin made Ann the subject of taunting and staring during adolescence, but it proved an asset in photo shoots as she won five best photos in a row, a feat never before accomplished on “Top Model.”

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