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Sunday, May 28 

Host and Producer, Tiffanie Stanard kicked off Philly Speaks with a guest cohost, while Senator Vincent Hughes traveled for work. The guest cohost was Motivational Speaker and Entrepreneur, Maxwell Brown of Getting the Max Out of Life.

The topic focused on: Entrepreneurs need more than words of Support!

As a entrepreneur for almost ten years and now with a second company (view more here), I’ve had many conversations involving what entrepreneurs need to truly survive and thrive within their industry. Words of Support is important because sometimes self-motivation is not enough – having someone say (friend and/or family) you got this or keep going is essential. But unfortunately in black communities words is all they will or can offer to a business owner. We don’t spend enough time investing in ourselves and black businesses with actual dollars. From hair stores – to banks – to clothing shops – the african american dollar is spread many ways except for ownership of those entities.

The hosts and guests detailed their experience trying to determine when they have enough on their business resume to no longer offer their services for free or bartered. How to tell friends and family – no? And they offered advice on how to build relationships instead of networking and the importance of (trying to) maintain a work/life balance while accomplishing dreams.

The conversation gave insight to several different industries including technology, fitness, entertainment and motivational speaking. As well as the different experiences from being a woman or man and younger vs. older. The phone lines were jumping with listeners enjoying the conversation and waiting to ask their questions on how to build their business.

We will have a part 2…

Guests Entrepreneurs:

Shani Harvey & Traci Horne – Next Level Personal Training

Will Toms – CoFounder/CMO – RecPhilly
Listen to the entire show:
We continued the conversation on Facebook Live on RNBPhilly, watch below:
Philly Speaks

Source: Philly Speaks – Photo/Video, Keith Davis

Philly Speaks

Source: Philly Speaks – Photo/Video, Keith Davis

By: Tiffanie Stanard (Host/Producer)