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This commentary writes itself.


Because I got to interview Donald Trump yesterday on my show on CNN.

A new CNN/ORC Poll shows Trump surprisingly at the top of the heap, second only to Jeb Bush, but that’s not good enough for The Donald.

“Well I’m not happy being behind Jeb Bush, to be honest with you because I don’t get it.  He’s in favor of common core, he’s very weak on immigration, extremely weak on immigration.  He thinks people come over for love. I’m not at all happy that he’s in first place but I’m certainly honored by the poll. People are understanding of my message which is make America great again.  And we’re doing very well.”

Trump says the last thing America needs is another Bush and the Bush family should go back to sitting on boards and collecting checks.

As for Chris Christie, The Donald says Chris Christie has too many problems to be President and Christie missed his opportunity in 2012.

“I think four years ago who would have beaten Romney and I think he might have beaten, he would have beaten Obama. This is a different age and a different time and there’s a lot of water over the dam.”

Now to the comments about Mexicans that have stirred so much controversy:

Trump – “Well if you look at the statistics of people coming, you look at the statistics on rape, on crime, on everything coming in illegally into this country it’s mind-boggling!  If you go to fusion, you will see a story: About 80% of the women coming in, you know who owns fusion? Univision and it was in the Huffington Post and I said let me get some of these articles because I’ve heard some horrible things. I deal a lot of talking with people on the border patrols. They’re incredible people.’

Lemon – “I want to get some clarification though.”

Trump – “Don all you have to do is go to fusion and pick up the stories on rape. It’s unbelievable when you look at what’s going on. So all I’m doing is telling the truth!

Lemon – “I read the Washington post, fusion, Huffington post, that’s about women being raped, it’s not about criminals coming across the border.

Trump – “Well somebody’s doing the raping, Don!  I mean somebody’s doing it! Who’s doing the raping? Who’s doing the raping? How can you say such a thing?”

As you may have heard, Macy’s Department Store cut ties with Trump yesterday.

NBC did the same the day before, dropping Trump’s Miss Universe Pageant and his Apprentice TV show.

Trump says both companies were acting cowardly.

“That’s the problem with our country, everybody folds under pressure.  Instead of doing the right thing, they just immediately, they have two people go outside with a sign and you see two pickets and they immediately say on gee we have to do, this is pressure, pressure.  People can’t handle pressure.  That’s what they did.  They did a total fold but that’s okay with me, its okay with me.  Let them do what they want to do.”

Say what you want, Trump is used to pressure and criticism.

He says he’s in it to win it and will not back out.

The question is, will this latest firestorm damage him so much that he has no other choice?



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