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Heidi Klum’s divorce from Seal seemed so very drama-free … at first. Now things are getting ugly, according to a report in Star magazine. First, Seal contested Heidi twice—first he fought her request for primary physical custody of their kids (he wants equal time), then he said she was wrong when she claimed no joint assets needed to be divided. (There’s quite a bit of difference in their fortunes—Seal is worth just $15 million to Heidi’s $70 million.) But now Heidi’s the one who’s angry,Radar reports.

It seems Seal used pictures of their children in an ad campaign for a Leica digital camera—without asking. Klum quickly got Leica to take down the video, even though “Seal maintained he had every right to use his personal photos,” a source says. “Heidi isn’t trying to cause trouble. She’s just trying to protect her brood. Since she filed for divorce from Seal, he’s been out with more than one young woman, whereas Heidi hasn’t dated at all.” Click to see her thoughts on life after divorce.