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  • Mission

    Is to assist young people, fathers, parents and families in gaining the necessary skills to have a positive impact on their communities, schools, and society.  Utilizing a series of self-help character based educational programsFam. Com. will equip individuals with necessary skills to positively impact the next generation and beyond
  • Educational Philosophy

    The educational and philosophical design of FamCom,Inc. is guided by five principles that lie at the heart of what we believe to be true about our students, our community, and how children learn.  They are firmly based in both research and the recommendations for educational reform contained in the most influential national reports.

    Principle 1- High Expectations

    Principle 2 – Holistic Environment

    Principle 3 – Integrated Learning

    Principle 4 – Active Learning

    Principle 5 – Positive Attitudes

    To learn more about their Student and  Parent programs. 



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