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Even in the most basic form of social interaction the attempt to make an impression is always present. This attempt many times is an unconscious reflection of our thoughts about ourselves. This is especially true in terms of dating. To win the interest of or to be thought about favorably is the desired outcome of most romantic interaction. Making it of upmost importance to be certain that the impressions you make are consistent with your true character. Many times people never show up for dates [especially first dates], they often send their representative. A character that they believe the other person may be interested in. Said representative often makes gestures and acts in a way that they [think] will impress the other person, often to a fault. Be true to yourself by being yourself and get exactly what you want in a relationship. Authenticity is undefeated. Instead of doing THINGS to impress him do YOU and attract a like minded man to build something valuable with. As you continue on your journey here Are 7 Things to Avoid When Trying to Impress Him:

Fair Weather Fan

If you really aren’t that interested in his favorite football or basketball team that’s fine, doesn’t bother him one bit. He takes sports seriously so when you aimlessly misquote stats, players’ names, team names etc it annoys him more than it endears him. He knows when a genuine interest in sports just isn’t there on your part so don’t fake it.

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Double D’s

He won’t fall in love with your degrees. The fact that you are highly educated is great and at times very attractive. But he is more interested in you demonstrating practical application of the education you have obtained. Flaunting your MBA will only tempt him to go M.I.A. Don’t celebrate yourself at the expense of emasculating him. Doing so could be perceived as arrogance, self confidence is seen not heard.

Working Girl

There is something sexy about a focused, ambitious and career minded woman. He loves that about you. But when you bring your profession to the dinner table it is a problem. You define the job don’t let it define you. After all it’s you he’s after. If he wanted to spend 3 hours hearing about how you’ve climbed the corporate ladder he would visit you during office hours.

Video Vixen

These days long hair, big butts and flat stomachs come a dime a dozen. But Men who are seeking substance are interested in substance. There’s nothing wrong with accenting your physical attributes as a woman. I encourage it. However showing up for a date dressed as Nicki Minaj just places his perception of you in a box.

Salad Works

Don’t leave the date hungry because you only ordered a salad in fear of being a little messy with your meal. He’s going to order what he wants and you should too. Order that cheese burger you know you have a taste for. If you get a little sauce on your chin just wipe it off. Better yet let him do it. Just try not to talk while chewing.

Oh You Fancy Huh?

Prada, Fendi, Gucci, blah blah blah. In the majority of cases he has no idea what kind of bag your toting around and really could care less. He just isn’t that interested in what kind of heels you’re wearing. It isn’t about the name on the label but the presentation that attracts him.

Making It Too Easy

He isn’t impressed by you giving him your body and physical attention without having first earning it. He may indulge and exploit your willingness to do so. But he isn’t impressed by it. Men are excited by the chase. So don’t make it too easy for him to have all of you. Impress him with your commitment to highly valuing yourself above all else.

With you in mind,

Kevin Carr

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words by : Kevin Carr

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