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The NAACP and the Fayette County Branch of the NAACP are conducting an investigation in to the facts of the June 8th arrest of of World Changers Church International Pastor Creflo Dollar. The arrest came after  Dollar’s 15-year-old daughter told police her father physically assaulted her.

Fayette County NAACP President John E. Jones stated:

We simply want to make sure that Pastor Dollar is allowed to be a responsible parent and discipline his children,” said Jones. “Parenting children in this day and time can be very challenging because many children believe that they can call the police at any time to stop any unwanted discipline. Little do they know that this can subject their parent or them to an arrest. Conversely, unruly or undisciplined children could get physically hurt or suffer worse punishment when they act out and come in contact with law enforcement. African-American children suffer the most in this situation. The parents are in a dilemma whether to forgo disciplining their children or to leave it up to law enforcement. Should we be apathetic, lax or indifferent and let the courts send our unruly children to jail or should we as parents do our duty and appropriately discipline our children? These are the questions every parent is asking today. The responsibility of the NAACP is to get out front and ask these culturally sensitive questions that affect the fundamental cause of freedom, equality and justice.”

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