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A Trick To Planning Movie Night With Kids

Set up the Room

Don’t just resort to sitting on the couch! You can make it a lot more fun by setting up the room like a movie theater, positioning chairs in rows in front of the television. Or, make it ultra cozy by bringing in blankets, pillows and bean bags so kids can cozy up on the floor.

Decide on the Film

Different personalities may mean a lot of conflicting opinions on what to watch-make the choice argument-free by having everyone write down their picks, then put them in a bowl and pick one at random. Problem, solved!

Build on Your Theme

If you choose a film ahead of time, you can make make things even more fun by matching the snacks and decorations to the movie. Or, keep it general by doing a Hollywood theme! You can make it official by rolling out a mini red carpet and decorating with old movie posters. If you’re having other guests over, have kids create makeshift ticket stubs that they can rip when friends arrive.

Don’t Forget the Snacks!

It’s not movie night without spectacular snacks! Create a make-your-own popcorn bar by setting out various toppings for everyone to top their popcorn with (salts, spices, cheese, caramel) or, do a make-your-own ice cream sundae bar complete with a few ice cream flavors to choose from and tons of toppings. Another idea: buy movie-size candy boxes from Target and let kids choose their favorite.

Clean up the Kitchen Beforehand

 Nothing will make you less likely to relax than the thought of having to clean up all those dirty dishes later. Solve this problem by doing a speed cleaning session before the movie begins. After everyone helps themselves to snacks, have them pitch in to tidy up so most of the dishes are already done. If everyone helps, it’ll only take a few minutes!

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