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Many men still believe that football is a “guy” thing. They think that women have no idea what a defensive lineman does, what a blitz is, what determine an offsides call and the intricacies of running the spread offense. There are women who know all that and more. They are lifelong football fans, maybe brought up in a legacy football family who’s had season tickets for eons. Maybe they were athletes themselves or somewhere along the way, they developed a genuine love for the sport. These ladies are nice in Madden, they can converse football with the best of them, and they awake excited and eager on any given Sunday, ready to put on their favorite team gear and head to the tailgate party, the bar or the basement with the big screen to watch their favorite sport.

Ladies, we salute you for changing the stereotype.


For some women, football is their man’s mistress. They cheat on her with the NFL, giving up time and energy to keep up with stats, player bios, betting odds, injury lists and everything else needed to watch and/or to bet on NFL games. For some women, this is a relationship deal-breaker, but like other, lesser-known women married to men with a li’l somethin’ on the side, they’re okay with the other relationship. These ladies know how to get the car keys and credit card from their distracted husbands and plan their shopping and off-duty mommy and wife time for Sunday afternoons. These are when mani/pedis get done, when Saks sale shopping is done, and when lazy afternoons with the girls and some cocktails are planned around absent or distracted husbands. These “widows” have learned to make the best of their situation and are secretly happy for the time they have to themselves.


If you have the type of guy who’s either always on the run, traveling five days a week or still likes to run the streets (in which case, maybe you need a new man), the one day you can count on him to be home is Sunday. If you’re a smart woman, and we know you are, you plan your “honey-do” list for Sunday ….. mornings after the morning service if you’re church attendees and before the first football game of the day. (If you’re man is a rabid fan of just one team, you just find out what time that game comes on, which works really well for late Sunday afternoon and Sunday night games.) Anything that you need to discuss, work out or need your man present to deal with can be handled between games and during halftime if you schedule it correctly. Need him to sign something, approve a purchase, a home renovation or anything similar? This is a good time for it. But obviously, you have to pick your times. An overtime game with the ball in his team’s hands and a first-and-goal won’t be the best time to discuss Junior’s failing grades.


Let’s face it: While there are many ladies who enjoy the NFL for its amazing feats of death-defying athletic skill, there are others who just enjoy the view. Yes, we’re talking the amazing view of biceps, butts, shoulders, abs, and other juicy body parts that makers of NFL uniforms have thankfully put on full display. We are sure that the person who designed those football pants must be female because they leave very little to some of our fevered imaginations. On the other hand, some offensive line players are showing way too much belly for our tastes, but we guess they have to keep their bulk for blocking purposes. There’s plenty of hard-body, loc-wearing, gorgeous men who play in the NFL, and some of us get our TV stalker on every Sunday watching them run up and down a football field.


If you watch football every Sunday and have Facebook or Twitter, you never have to watch a game alone. If you’ve curated your Twitter and Facebook pages well, you can watch with your friends, family, other athletes, your favorite team’s alumni, sportswriters, broadcasters and the boys in the ‘hood, who always have their own unique take on the day’s athletic festivities. If you miss any part of the game, just go back through your timeline to see what you’ve missed, and you’ll be caught up to every play, bad call, stupid move on the part of either team and the amazing plays and strategies that lead to the win. I barely watched a playoff game this year, but following ESPN broadcasters and their followers, I didn’t miss a thing. NFL online makes every game an interactive collaborative experience.