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VIA: EURWeb.com

Everybody knows that singer/actor Tyrese Gibson wants to bring the life of Teddy Pendergrass to the big screen. And naturally he wants to play Teddy. We might add that we can’t think of anyone more qualified for the job, either.

But a project like this needs the right director. And as far as Gibson is concerned, there is no one better qualified than Lee Daniels.

“My dream director would be Lee Daniels, ’cause he’s from Philadelphia and he’s raw, knows how to tell the truth about characters and layers,” Gibson told AOL Black Voices. “He knows how to get people to go there.”

In case you’re wondering, it would be Gibson’s first time singing in a movie and yes, he got Pendergrass’ blessing on the film before he died.

“I was there during the last days of him being on this earth,” Gibson said. “He told me himself, ‘I don’t want nobody else in this world to do this movie but you.’ At first it was an opportunity, now it’s a responsibility.” -eurweb.com