No arrests have been made. However, a weapon has been recovered. Police have not released information on any suspects.

Acting Philadelphia Police Commissioner Christine Coulter is under fire after pictures of her wearing a racially insensitive shirt surfaces online. Related: 5 Things to Know About Philadelphia’s New Acting-Commissioner, Christine Coulter My column on the subject — Jenice Armstrong (@JeniceArmstrong) September 4, 2019 Coulter is seen smiling in a picture taken in 1990 with a […]

FOLLOW The Quincy Harris Morning Show on Instagram @QHMShow The Braintree, Massachusetts PD are hoping so, asking would-be criminals to chill out until the intense heat passes through. The PD posted a note to potential wrongdoers through their Facebook page which read Due to the extreme heat we are asking anyone thinking of criminal activity […]

Off-duty officer Eric Ball, who is African-American, said that he played football under coaches who used pushups to ensure discipline.

Today marks the two-year anniversary of the death of 12-year-old Tamir Rice, who was fatally shot by a White Cleveland police officer while playing with a toy gun.

A 35-year-old father of four, Michael Sabbie, died last year in Bi State Jail (located on the border between Texas and Arkansas) and the shocking footage of the moments before his death has been released.

One man took a stand for the racially profiled kids in his neighborhood.

When arrested, Sommervell County Sheriff’s Deputy William Cox said “the black c–n started killing my boys in Dallas." Thankfully, he lost his job because of it.

One of the shooters is dead, while police search for the others. As of now, the motive behind these deaths are unknown.

The actress recently spoke out about the recent deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile.

Corey Pegues spent 21 years with the New York Police Department, wending his way up through the rank-and-file to commanding officer. The decorated Black police officer left the force in April 2013, and in May, released the book Once a Cop: My Journey from former Crack Dealer to the Highest Ranks of the NYPD. On Thursday, […]