SOME COMPANIES STILL PAYING PUERTO RICO EMPLOYEES DESPITE CLOSED STORES Some companies with locations in Puerto Rico, where hurricanes have caused paralyzing disasters have continued paying their employees despite store closures. Some companies include T.J. Maxx, Home Goods, and Marshalls, has continued to pay employees based in Puerto Rico, even though some locations remain closed.

Chicago won’t allow high school students to graduate without a plan for the future. To graduate from a public high school in Chicago, students will soon have to meet a new and unusual requirement: They must show that they’ve secured a job or received a letter of acceptance to college, a trade apprenticeship, a gap […]

Jay Z made history on June 15th  by becoming the first hip-hop artist to be inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame. The man who helped present the award was another trailblazer, the nation’s first black president, Barack Obama. The two have much in common, as Obama mentioned in his speech. Perhaps the most immediate […]

A woman  was detained at JFK International Airport in NYC for attempting to smuggle 10 bricks of cocaine, weighing about 27 pounds, and carried an estimated street value of nearly $500,000 in the back of a wheelchair. The 33-year-old woman had just landed in the States after a JetBlue flight from St. Lucia when Customs noticed […]

The Recording Academy is making some major changes to its voting process and category regulations. The Grammys is reportedly upgrading to an online voting process and updating its rules for the Album of the Year category, which may mean big things for a more diversity!

Lionsgate is reportedly working on a biopic based on Miami hip hop group, 2 Live Crew. The film will reportedly focus on the group’s manager and hype-man, Luther Campbell, who was slapped with a copyright lawsuit regarding the group’s music. 2 Live Crew was best known in the late 80s and early 90s. The group is particularly […]

Yesterday(June 12) the legendary hip-hop artist and actor celebrated his star in front of the Musicians Institute on Hollywood Boulevard. The ceremony came three days after the release of the 25th anniversary edition of his second album, Death Certificate.

Comedian Dave Chappelle performed in Flint on Wednesday evening, and during the show he told the crowd he was giving $50,000 to a local foundation,  The proceeds went to the Community Foundation of Greater Flint, with the money set to help kids who have been affected by the lead that’s contaminated the city’s water.  

Repo Man Shoots And Kills Man Police says a worker was in the process of repossessing a vehicle near the intersection of 18th and Dickinson streets, when an armed man with a gun tried to stop that from happening. The repo man then pulled out a gun and shot the victim twice, hitting him once […]

MARY J. BLIGE ORDERED TO PAY SPOUSAL SUPPORT A judge has ordered Mary to pay estranged husband Martin “Kendu” Isaacs $30,000 per month in temporary spousal support. Big number, no doubt, but way less than what he requested … $129,319 per month. Mary will also have to pay retroactive spousal support dating back to September … and his […]

Michigan native Eminem gifted graduating students from Flint Northwestern, Flint Southwestern and Flint Accelerated Learning Academy brand new pair of Beats By Dre headphones. The excited students were fortunate enough to graduate with both a high school diploma and a pair of Beats By Dre Headphones!

Shakour Smith, Ikeem Starks and Quadir Burley  are accused of posting bank and credit union logos on their Instagram, and encouraging customers of those institutions to like the posts. It’s alleged that the men then reached out to those who liked the posts. The men promised the Instagram users a cut of fraudulent checks deposited […]