04/24/17 – Huggy Lowdown attempts to get to the bottom of the latest attack on Trump’s Hollywood Walk Of Fame star. Like BlackAmericaWeb.com on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter.

4/3/17- Did Roland Martin really leave his wife in Coach while he was in First Class? The Celebrity Snitch has the details about what’s really going on in New Orleans and reveals what’s real and what’s not. Listen below.

3/15/17- Find out why the Celebrity Snitch is still having family problem. Listen to the funny below.

1/2/17- Mariah Carey’s singing (or lack thereof) and Don Lemon’s piercing live on television left viewers in for a treat during Dick Clark’s NYE special. Find out what else the Comedian Snitch says about the annual event.

    12/16/16 – Huggy Lowdown jokes about boxing great Bernard Hopkins getting knocked out of the ring in his last fight and Tina Turner’s upcoming play. Like BlackAmericaWeb.com on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter.

11/23/16- The Celebrity Snitch is handing out Thanksgiving PSAs left and right and if you’re not careful he could be talking about you! Listen to the funny above.  

  11/18/16-  Find out who the Celebrity Snitch has named as this week’s Bamma and it actually may surprise you…or not. Listen above and let us know below if you agree.  

11/16/16- Any idea on how to keep make Trump disappear before January 2017? The Celebrity Snitch has a few ideas. Also he reveals just how multilingual he really is! Listen above!

  11/10/16- The Celebrity Snitch is still losing his mind over President-elect Donald Trump. Find out what he’s been going through when you listen above!

9/23/16- Find out who the Celebrity Snitch has crowned this week’s Bamma and find why the same person holds the number one and two spots. Listen to the funny above.

8/19/16- Find out why the Celebrity Snitch gave Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte this week’s title (even though we’re sure you can guess) also find out who else made this week’s list.

8/12/16- There should be no surprise that the Celebrity Snitch named Donald Trump as this week’s Bamma, but you’ve got to hear why! Also listen to the other nine contenders that almost took this week’s title.