Cinco de Mayo is arguably one of America’s most celebrated holidays alongside Christmas and the fourth of July. Created to celebrate the anniversary of Mexico’s victory over the French in the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862, the holiday has since become a day that friends and family use as a reason to bond […]

We are on day 7 of the nationwide quarantine due to the coronavirus outbreak and, many businesses are suffering. On Monday, Gov. Tom Wolf ordered all non-essential businesses to close for two weeks in response to the worldwide outbreak that has left many dead. All restaurants, bars, and spaces holding over 50 people within the […]

Sunday’s big game is nearly three days away and the only thing that is more important than the actual game is the food! If it’s your turn to host the party this year, you don’t want to be the person who ruins the game by having horrible food. But not to worry, we’re giving you […]

We’ve all gotten in trouble at work for keeping it a little too real while on the job. Well, Brianna Raelene says she was recently fired after uploading a Tic Tok video exposing Panera Bread for the way they prepared their mac & cheese. Related: Mice Infest Burger Buns At Local Fast Food Restaurant The video, […]

Ragu has recalled several of their pasta sauces over concerns of possible plastic fragments in the jars.  While the company says it has not received any consumer complaints they are pulling the sauces out of caution. The sauces were distributed nationwide and you can find out which five sauces were recalled by visiting and […]

IHOP has introduced new burgers to their menu which may seem to be the reason behind the proposed name change to IHOB.  The new steakburgers are made with Black Angus beef and are called the Big IHOP Pancake Burger, Garlic Butter Butter, and the Loaded Philly Burger. The burger getting all the buzz as you […]

You really should look at your microwave as a kitchen tool rather than just something you use to heat up leftovers and TV dinners. It’s capable of doing much more. Here are a few hacks that will turn you into a cuisine superstar in no time. Toss some cloves of garlic into the microwave and […]

FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb says the government shutdown has led the agency to halt inspections of domestic food-processing facilities. The FDA oversees the inspection of 80% of the U.S. food supply. Gottlieb is working to bring back enough furloughed inspectors into high-risk facilities to prevent an increase in food-borne illnesses. Will you be more choosy […]

Jimmy Fallon and Tarik “Black Thought” Trotter from The Roots just announced they’ll be visiting Philadelphia on Tuesday, April 17 and want to try a home-cooked meal from one lucky family. Fans can send an e-mail to before Sunday, April 8 with a special recipe and why they’d like to host Jimmy and Tarik. “The Tonight Show” will live stream […]

Claude Tellis Tellis currently serves as CEO of Naturade, a $20mm lower middle market nutraceutical company, that he owns through his family office, Towerview. Under Mr. Tellis’ leadership, Naturade has doubled its sales over the past 3 years. The signature product, “Vegansmart”, has taken off and is growing at 200% and is now sold in […]

A father and son duo from Syracuse has landed themselves in hot water...or hot oil.