The city of Philadelphia continues to fight for police reform in the wake of the senseless killings of unarmed African Americans- who have died under the arms of the law. Related: 72 Philadelphia Police Officers Placed On Desk Duty Over Offensive Social Media Posts According to Mapping police violence, 259 African Americans have died as a […]

A new twist on a classic sitcom on the current era of black lives matter. A serious approach to the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. The internet only trailer that has the internet buzzing.

A district court judge has called out the Tulsa police officer who allegedly killed Terence Crutcher for doing an interview about the case on national TV. According to the New York Daily News, Judge Doug Drummond had some harsh words for officer Betty Jo Shelby, who is accused of shooting an unarmed Terence to death. […]

A Baltimore teacher, who is White, said that Wells Fargo rejected her bank card designed with the words "Black Lives Matter" and an image of a raised fist. She added that a customer service rep said the company didn't want to be associated with any "antisocial and offensive" organizations.


During the event, actors, activists, and musicians will pay homage to Dr. King with recitations of his most revered speeches, as well as musical performances.

A cop claims to have received a doughnuts box with a 'Black Lives Matter' note. The police are investigating.

A BLM activist plans to open a youth training center in Chicago. Fundraising is underway.


In the class, students explore how Black social movements have contributed to empowerment within the African-American community.


Aside from the surprising election of a businessman-turned-reality-star-turned-politician as the 45th President of the United States, here are some other top political moments of 2016.

Donald Trump supporters are like a box of chocolates: you never know what you're going to get.


A White member of the Blevins, Arkansas School Board was seen mocking the Black Lives Matter movement in blackface and now parents are up in arms.

After a solemn year filled with police brutality, scammed elections and civil injustice, the last thing we needed was an ignorant act to make light of it all.