Otis Boykin was an inventor responsible for many important electrical devices that are used in modern times, most notably the electrical resistor. On this day in 1961, an improved version of Boykin’s electrical resistor was published and caught the attention of the military and one of America’s top computer companies. Boykin was born August 29, […]

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Sisters Mary Beatrice Davidson Kenner and Mildred Davidson Austin Smith had the spirit of ingenuity passed on to them via their father and maternal grandfather.…

Tom Joyner Morning Show

Thousands of African-American inventors have developed various inventions over the years that have greatly impacted culture. However, today we are highlighting only 10 African-American inventors…

History is our way of studying crucial moments of achievements and events that have changed the way we live today. Take a look at some of African American inventors that have been left out of history books. Exploring breathtaking views on the flat, mountainous or scenic terrain on a bike can be an invigorating form […]