“Bad Girls Club” star Judi Jackson, who appeared on the most recent season in New Orleans, is wanted by the police. According to TMZ, after being pulled over last month for erratic driving on suspicion of DUI, she was arrested but… While cops searched her vehicle, they claim Judi climbed out of the squad car […]

Last night “The Bad Girls Club,” season 7, wrapped with a fight between Shelly and Nastasia. The feud had been brewing for weeks and reached the boiling point on the last day of the Bad Girl Club. BlackAtlas.com in New Orleans Nastasia caught Shelly while she was sitting down and pummeled her face with punches. […]

Oxygen’s Bad Girls Club has set the stage for over-dramatic antics and bullying at it’s finest! This season in New Orleans, Judi has cast herself out against the other girls with her frequent drinking and childish behavior. After recruiting Nastasia and others on her side, she set out to reek havoc on her nay-sayers life. […]

After watching Shelly bully Judy for several episodes I don’t really feel bad about her getting punched in the face! Judy went down swinging after Shelly busted into her confessional session to start with her!After some hair pulling and weak throws the girls were separated! Do White People Only Eat Boneless Chicken? [Bad Girls Club […]

Bad Girls Club season 7 in New Orleans kicks off with cereal fight for the ages! The Oxygen reality show promotes fighting and bickering between female roommates who hate each other for no apparent reason. Things get heated when a cast member is “served” breakfast in bed… Nikki & WillMarie Fight Topless On Bad Girls […]

Perez Hilton hosted part 1 of The Bad Girls Club 6 reunion last night on Oxygen! Anticipation was high as everyone tuned in to see what fights and arguments would unfold. Good thing Char was such a “heartless b*tch,” otherwise the reunion would have been boring. Kori and Jessica were bitter about a friendship with […]

“Bad Girls” reality star Catya Washington was released from a Philadelphia jail Friday after spending a few days behind bars for violating her probation … a violation that stems from a massive drug and gun bust back in November. According to court records, Catya has been placed back on a house arrest program … in […]

Catya Washington of “Bad Girls Club” who was recently arrested cannot come up with the cash needed to make bail.The "Bad Girls Club" hellraiser is $30,000 short of making bail.

Catya Washington of "Bad Girls Club" fame was arrested yesterday after she was caught possessing cocaine, ecstasy, mushrooms and a gun according tmz.com.