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Sometimes you gotta read the Twitter room, especially if you’re a celebrity. Case in point, Cardi B is getting taken to task for contemplating dropping $88,000 on a handbag, in 2020.

“Should I spend 88K for this damn purse ? Omggg it’s tempting,” tweeted the Bronx rapper on Sunday (Dec. 6).

Your money is your money, but considering we’re in the midst of a pandemic that he left too many unemployed and hurting financially, it didn’t go over well.

Many also pointed out a myriad of issues—an eviction crisis, unemployment benefits expiring, etc.—that made Cardi B’s comment particulary tone deaf.

Shortly thereafter, Cardi attempted a clean up on aisle struggle. She then tweeted, “Any charity or foundation drop your receipts under the comment I will match what you donated and match your donation to that same charity or foundation.Lets match energy.”

However, the damage had been done. This is Twitter, where even an innocent mistake may get you dragged for filth. The “WAP” rapper is catching hell right now, but she’ll be alright.

That said, peep some of the particularly pointed slander below. But also worth noting is that Cardi has plenty of defenders, too.

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1. Bardi has her defenders, too.