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Dosso Beauty #SummertimeFine Lustre Lip Gloss Collection

Source: Dosso Beauty / Dosso Beauty

Long gone are the days when limited Black-owned beauty brands existed. Now, Black-owned brands have taken over the market and rightfully so — Black people deserve brands that understand their audience, cater to our needs and pour back into the community. 

There are plenty of essentials from Black-owned beauty brands that’ll fit your needs. If you’re a TikTok girlie, Ayurvedic oil mixes are likely on the brain for hair growth. Speaking of the products at the top of your mind, you can never have enough sunscreen to protect your skin or body butters to keep your melanin-rich skin glowing. Identically, a restock of nourishing hair care and skin care products are only a cart away via Black-owned beauty brands.

So, if you’re ready to flex your fingers and get your beauty collection in order, we’ve got you covered. We’ve compiled a list of five Black-owned beauty brands spanning the body care, hair care, makeup, and skincare lanes.  Moreover, these products will keep everything from your mane to your melanin in tip-top shape. Grab your credit card, secure a Wi-Fi connection, and get ready to be reacquainted with cult favorite brands and new names on the Black beauty block. Happy Shopping beauty mavens!

All products have been independently selected by our editors. Please note: we may receive an affiliate commission for products and services purchased through our website.

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1. Los Organics Solutions

Source:Courtesy of Instagram

First up, is none other than Los Organics Solutions! If you’re a regular on TikTok, then you know the brand’s Ayurvedic oil mix has been the talk of #hairtok. Aside from the brand’s star product, hair mavens can experiment with serums, hair oil concoctions, and more that are proven to give your mane a hand in the hair growth department.

2. Dosso Beauty

Source:Courtesy of Instagram

Protective style season is in full effect! For the hair aficionados that love to serve a woven slay during the warm months, Dosso Beauty is coming in full clutch. The brand offers a mix of hair extensions ranging from one favorite hypoallergenic braiding hair, Marley hair, loc extensions, and more to bring your desired look to life. Plus, the brand has an arsenal of hair care, hairstyling, makeup, skincare, and grooming products just waiting to elevate your game. Trust us, Dosso Beauty won’t steer you wrong.

3. Bolden Skin Care

Source:Courtesy of Instagram

Sunscreen should always be a must in your skincare routine. This essential protects skin from harmful sun rays, reduces signs of aging, and keeps uneven skin tones and dark spots at bay. That said, if you love the idea of using a face moisturizer and sunscreen in one, Bolden’s SPF 30 Brightening Moisturizer is a bonafide hit. It covers all the bases and dries on skin clear without the dreaded white cast. And of course, the brand’s full line of skincare products work wonders to give your canvas proper TLC. Tap in!

4. A Naturale Rose

Source:Courtesy of Instagram

If you have a deep affinity for hair butters in your haircare routine, it may be worth adding A Natural Rose’s Hair Butter to your regimen. Known as the brainchild of beauty boss Brittany Rose, the hair butter works wonders to provide hair with long-lasting moisture — two months long — to aid in hair growth. The brand also boasts other hair essentials including oil blends, herbal-infused butters, shampoos, and more to put your hair growth journey into overdrive.

5. Buttah Skin

Source:Courtesy of Instagram

Last but certainly not least, we have Buttah Skin. The brand lives up to its name by making your skin feel soft like butter. Additionally, the beloved brand offers a mix of skincare and body care finds perfect for keeping your melanin radiant and even-looking. That said, the brand’s Whipped Body Butter is a standout for good reason. It’s made with organic shea butter and vitamins A, B and E to nourish, protect, and smooth your skin like no other.