In February during Work with Karen its Black HER-Story Month where we are celebrating Black History month with #SheFacts of female trailblazers. Why We Love Her: Today we are honoring Angela Davis who is an educator and activist known for her involvement in a politically charged murder case in the early 1970s. Davis joined the Black […]

  On  February 5th 1990- Columbia University graduate & Harvard University law student Barack Obama becomes the 1st African American named president of the Harvard Law Review. Happy Black History Month!

                                The events surrounding the controversial and moving spectacle of the “Little Rock Nine” still reverberates in the minds of many with its stark imagery and political implications. The barring of nine Black African-American students who were prevented from entering […]

Forty-three years after Martin Luther King Jr. was killed by an assassin’s bullets, the nation’s first black president today led an all-star tribute to the civil rights activist who “stirred our conscience” and made our Union “more perfect.” “I know we will overcome,” proclaimed President Obama at the dedication of the Martin Luther King Jr. […]

(VIA BLACKAMERCIAWEB)  Dr. Edith Irby Jones was the first African-American student to attend the University of Arkansas School of Medicine – nine years before the Little Rock Nine – and she was also the first woman president of the National Medical Association.   Born in 1927 to Mattie Buice Irby, a maid, and Robert Irby, […]

(VIA BLACK AMERICA WEB) You may not know his name, but you know his pictures. Memphis-based civil rights photographer Ernest Withers documented most of the important moments of the civil rights movement, including the murder of Emmitt Till and the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King at Memphis’ Lorraine Motel. His work helped exposed the […]

Lobo the Cowboy was the first African-American comic superhero originated by Dell Comics in 1965. Created by writer D.J. Arneson and illustrated by Tony Tallarico, Lobo was a gun-toting, wealthy African-American cowboy in the old West.