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Dear Ask The Black Man,

My boyfriend and I are expecting a child soon. We love each other but recently I decided to end our relationship. We live far from each other and we haven’t really been talking lately. He asked me to move in with him but I want to get my life together before I try to start one with him. Also, we have jealousy issues. If a guy looks at or talks to me he is ready to fight but, many of his friends are girls who openly flirt with him and he flirts back. If I get upset about it he acts like I am being irrational. The stress from me being pregnant and the girls and the distance between us just got to be a little too much. I’m in love with him and he says he loves me too but he’s not taking this as well as I thought he would. He seems to really be hurt and I’m hurting from this as well. I’m beginning to wonder if I made the wrong decision. Should I take him back or should we remain broken up?


Ask The Black Man:

Hello Confused,

It is always tough to be away from someone that you love. In this case you both need to work on some issues before figuring out if it makes sense to get back together. I feel that relationship counseling would be a great thing for the both of you to do if you are really committed in working out your situation. You must get to the core of the issues and create a solution for it. These issues may be things you both have to deal with on an individual basis that may have nothing to do with you being together. Someone who specializes in this field of work must determine this.

My suggestion is to continue talking to one another but don’t jump the gun and get back together. That is not going to solve anything and you will more than likely fall back into the same cycle of drama that you have been previously experiencing. Meeting with a relationship therapist can help break that cycle.

That’s My 99 Cents Worth.



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