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If you said ‘golden tresses’ … ding, ding, ding! You’d be correct. My first inclination is to start a Facebook protest but truth be told these locks on my head have blond tips. And when I was younger I liked my “look.” I thought it brought attention to my squarish face – broad nose, full mouth, honey-colored eyes. I can’t provide testimony to this whole “blonds have more fun” foolishness but I thought I was cute and sometimes that’s all that matters. Now, my parents were horrified. My mother – who is Black – asked, “You know you’re not a white woman, right?” My mother’s comments made me cringe. I protested. I told her, “I’m proud of who I am – my brown skin, my brown hair, my race.” She rolled her eyes. I know that blond hair is associated with white women and beauty. I saw how men respond to girls and women with golden hair. Men (black, white, Asian, Latino and Native American) can’t get enough of Marilyn Monroe, Madonna, Pink and now this Lady Gaga chick. Trust me – all women want to feel desirous and beautiful. We all want some of that. And some of us dye our hair blond to get the job interview, get a second look and get the man or woman (don’t you?).

But now I think maybe Black stars should help African-American women release the hold that blond hair has had on us. It’s not a natural hair color. It’s not really a good look if you’re over 30. It’s not particularly healthy for your hair. We don’t need the woes that blond hair brings. Black women, let’s do something different. Hell, I’m not completely satisfied watching my crowning glory gray at the temples but I promise you, there will be no more blond dye added.By Teshima Walker

Stars go blond at the Grammy's