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By: Solomon Jones
I created #ManUpPHL, an anti-violence initiative focused specifically on black men, because black men and boys are losing their lives in Philadelphia’s gun violence epidemic. On November 18th, at 6 pm at Community College of Philadelphia’s Winnet Student Life Building, brothers will come together to address this issue, because the reality is this: If you’re a black man in Philadelphia and it hasn’t already affected you personally, it will.


Philadelphia’s gun violence epidemic hit home for me when I attended a funeral of my son’s classmate, a young man who by all accounts was on the right track to make something of his life. He was gunned down in South Philly before he could realize his dream of becoming an engineer. He was just 15-years-old.


Through #ManUpPHL, we’re challenging black men to step up in a team effort to stop the killing. By convening the many organizations that are now addressing this issue separately, this community effort will create space for men from all walks of life to unite to stop the violence.


Click here to sign up for this important initiative.


Location: 502 N. 17th St., Winnet Student Life Building, 2nd floor


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