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As if pregnancy doesn’t mess with a woman’s body enough, there is now a new study that proves that a woman’s voice becomes lower while pregnant and it can last a year after giving birth.

Scientist analyzed voice recordings from more than 600 women over a period of 10 years – 5 year before giving birth, 5 years after.

They found that a woman’s highest pitch drops an average of 44Hz, or about 2 musical notes. According to the scientists, a 5Hz pitch change is enough for us to notice a difference, so 44Hz is quite a lot.

Just ask the singer Adele. During one of her concerts last year, after giving birth, prior to the song the singer told the audience to bear with her. She explained that the lower notes in the song were difficult for her to hit because she had originally written the song while she was pregnant. Now, this recent study shows that she is not alone.