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Rolling Stone magazine did an in-depth look into Meek Mill, his life and the judge in his case Judge Brinkley. It is a story of corruption, misunderstandings, and abuse of power. Here is an excerpt from the article:

Brinkley has owned and rented a number of properties in North Philly, and has sued, or been sued by, many tenants.  (Brinkley declined to comment: The judicial code bars her from speaking about cases – but not about her conduct outside court.) Anna Torres was the mother of an infant son when she rented from Brinkley in 2006. Torres had been living there about a year when her son showed delays in speech development. Doctors diagnosed a severe case of lead poisoning. Building inspectors were summoned; they found dangerous levels of lead in the peeling paint. Brinkley was ordered by the city to fix the problem. According to Torres, who was seven-months pregnant at the time, Brinkley stormed in and started screaming at her. Brinkley sued to evict Torres in 2007; Torres sued for damages. Soon after Torres filed, she and her husband got threatening calls from a Brinkley courtroom staffer: “Don’t show up in court. You are going to lose, because she knows people in the system.” Torres was terrified. Still, she went to trial and got a judgement in her favor.

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On The Quincy Harris Morning Show with K. Foxx, the question was raised, do you think this article will help or hurt Meek Mill with his upcoming bail hearing? Take our poll below

Via Rolling Stone Magazine