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The Titanic may have sank back in 1912, but with the help of new technology, you can re-imagine the heartbreaking event today.

Created by the group Titanic-Honor and Glory in promotion for an upcoming video game, the nearly 3-hour-long video shows the ship sinking in real-time. As the ship falls beneath the ocean, facts flash across the bottom of the screen describing what was happening at that point. At midnight, 20 minutes into the ordeal, the order is given to prepare the lifeboats, wake passengers, and prepare the crew. Just 20 minutes later, Thomas Andrews, the ship’s designer, confirms that the damage is too much to handle. He then estimates 1-2 hours before the colossal liner sinks.

Throughout the tragedy, ships receive Titanic’s distress call, but to no avail. The creepiest part comes at the 1 hour and 14 minute mark: water can be seen filling up a cabin and eventually engulfing an entire hallway. After the Titanic is completely under water, it would be another hour and 40 minutes before rescue arrived.

A little over 1,500 people died. The video game is currently in production, but for now, watch the gripping visual above. 

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