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Wherever Donald Trump goes these days, trouble is sure to follow.

Anti-Trump protesters in Arizona and NYC were arrested yesterday during a series of marches. Protests in Arizona kicked off in Maricopa County, leading to the town of Fountain Hills where Trump was scheduled to speak. The group marched along Shea Boulevard, a major artery of traffic, which caused police to get involved more forcefully. Three protesters were arrested on suspicion of blocking the roadway. Two vehicles were also towed.

“We have free speech in this country and Donald Trump has a right to speak out and the people have a right to go in and hear him speak,” town Sheriff Joe Arpaio (a proud Trump supporter) told the news. “If certain groups don’t like it, that’s OK, they have freedom of speech, but they’re not going to violate the law.”

Meanwhile, the #DumpTrump rally kicked off in the Columbus Circle neighborhood of New York City, right near Trump Tower. Anti-Trump supporters gathered together to express outrage over Trump’s many anti-immigration and racist comments. The Republic candidate’s slogan “Make America Great Again” was mocked on posters and boards that spelled out “Make America Hate Again”

Thousands of protesters made the trek from Central Park to the Trump Tower on 5th Avenue. There was heavy police presence from the very beginning of the rally, but things went left when the NYPD allegedly started pushing and pepper-spraying protesters at will. Dozens of pictures circulated on social media showing a few marchers clearing their irritated eyes.

Several protesters were arrested in NYC as well, including a reporter from The Huffington Post.

A confirmed number of exactly how many people attended the rallies has not yet been released. Why do some Americans still think it’s a good idea to elect a President who inspires this much chaos? Sound off in the comments below.

SOURCE: Buzzfeed News | IMAGE CREDIT: Getty, Twitter

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