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Price: Starts at $149.99

I can’t think of anyone who didn’t want a toy race track as a kid. If you were lucky enough, you landed a set that could be put together into a partially raised figure-eight. The problem though, was keeping the cars on the track. Squeeze the trigger controller too hard and every car would fly off like a Kiki Sheard wig. Anki Overdrive remedies that issue with technology that keep the vehicles on track no matter how fast they’re going. I was happy enough with that, but Anki cars can also be programmed to perform stunts and fire virtual weapons like system scramblers and missiles.



Price: Starts at $5.99

Stickers are cool but once they’re on, they’re on for good. Colorforms were a way to play with stickers without the pressure of commitment. That’s a lot for a kid to handle at that age. Colorforms made a return with sets that come in sizes from a travel pack to a giant wall version. They’re the same Colorforms you remember from the TV shows and movies you love, just updated to include Despicable Me (those yellow Minions you see everywhere), Frozen, The Avengers and others. Your move Shrinky Dinks, let’s see what you got!



Price: $19.97

If you really think about it, the iconic red and orange device was way ahead of its time. The Viewmaster dazzled kids with 3D images way back in the 80’s and has been pushing the boundaries of visual technology since the 30’s. Following that same trend is the redesigned Viewmaster. Part toy, part mobile phone accessory, the new Viewmaster ditches the white discs from yesteryear in favor of virtual reality. Instead of looking at beautiful photos, you can now feel like you’re actually there. Kids have it so good these days!

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