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Here’s your first look at the new movie Central Intelligence starring two of Hollywood’s most sought after actors, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Kevin Hart.

In the film, Johnson and Hart attended the same high school where one guy was the popular jock and the other was an overweight nerd. It may surprise you (*sarcasm*) that Johnson wears a fat suit and gets digitally enhanced to look morbidly obese.

One day, he puts down the Patti pies, drops the weight and becomes this incredibly sexy CIA contract killer. He enlists the help of his former bully, Hart, who is now an accountant, to help prevent classified military secrets from being leaked.

We’re somewhat surprised that Hart would star in a buddy cop film so similar to his other franchise, Ride Along, with Ice Cube. The sequel, Ride Along 2, hits theatres in January. The release date for Central Intelligence is June 17th.

We guess if this formula for box office success isn’t broke, why fix it?


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