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Pittsburgh Steelers’ Deangelo Williams and the Susan G. Komen Foundation have come up with a way to extend Breast Cancer Awareness past October, after his mom died from the disease in May 2014.

“We have the brca one gene in my family. My mother and four aunts all died from breast cancer. My mother was 53, she was the only one that lived past 50. In my household we stopped celebrating birthdays because the closer you got to 50…” he said.


Williams’ partnership is clearly personal but he doesn’t stop with just honoring his aunts and mom, he wants to continue to spread awareness and talks about the importance of Susan G. Komen’s initiatives specifically targeted to black women.

“Breast Cancer doesn’t go away in October. That’s why I teamed up with Susan G. Komen to bring awareness. They’ve invested $25M in community health programs, specifically for African American women. It’s not that we’re not getting the treatment, we’re scared of Doctors. We’ve got to get tested.”

Why he was fined by the NFL for wearing pink on his uniform:

“I told them I want to wear pink if it’s okay with you guys and they said no. I said hold on. You guys celebrated my mom during the month of October for the last five or six years and you’re telling me you can’t show me a little leeway? They said, everybody’s got a cause. If we let you do it, we have to let everyone. The first time they said they would fine me and the second, they’d physically remove me from the game. Now I’m putting the team in jeopardy. So that’s when I decided to wear pink dreadlocks.”


And he didn’t stop there. This year he paid for 53 mammograms in honor of the age his mother died from the deadly disease. What a guy!

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(Photo Source: Courtey/Deangelo Williams Instagram)

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