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Born Again Virgin Cast

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Episode 1

Jenna’s card gets declined while she’s out and about with her girlfriends, and she realizes that she better start lining up some new gigs. Later on, Kelly gets the scoop that one of her clients, Quinn, who happens to be a major name in the fashion world, needs a ghostwriter for her blog. Quinn is one of Jenna’s heroes, so of course she takes the job!

Jenna finally gets to meet Quinn (played by Tichina Arnold), only to discover that Quinn has a crush on her, and isn’t shy about letting that fact be known. Awkward. Jenna decides to keep the job, and Quinn apologizes for being so forward, but still makes it clear that she’s available if Jenna ever wants to bat for the other team. This gets Jenna thinking…maybe she’s a little attracted to Quinn despite never having been sexually attracted to a woman before. However, in the end, Jenna decides that she’s not actually a lesbian, and that Quinn can remain an innocent girl crush.

Episode 2

Jenna’s irresistible ex Vince, with whom she has a history of being on again off again with, is back in the picture (he’s a pilot looking for a place to crash and get nookie for the night). She claims she’s not going to give it up, but the temptation is strong.

Kelly is struggling at work after an unqualified man, who has been at the job for less time than she has, gets promoted. After realizing that sexism is at play, Kelly decides that enough is enough and quits. She decides to start her own business and luckily for her, three of her biggest clients have agreed to stick with her.

Tara links back up with the only man who could ever make her consider settling down…and he proposes. Yes, Tara is engaged. No, seriously.

Back to Jenna and Vince…

He’s back in town for a sleepover, and tries to get in Jenna’s panties again. She tells him about the whole born again virgin thing, and he doesn’t buy it. She lets him stay over on the condition that they keep pillows in between them. He brings up a good point, which is that she stopped having sex because her body count was getting high, but being that they’ve already had sex, he won’t count as another body. Truuuuue!

But…Jenna doesn’t take the bait.


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