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Tonight’s episode of Empire was full of unexpected twists and turns, starting with Tiana bringing her new song, “Keep It Moving,” to Cookie to hear.  Cookie and Tiana made it official, and Cookie announced that she was representing Tiana.

Lucious went in on Hakeem about not being in the studio, even though Anika suggested they push the album release back to give Hakeem more time.  Hakeem planned to go to Titan’s show, and Lucious schooled him on what made Titan the best in the game: Always working in the studio, recording new tracks.  Lucious snatched the all-access passes Hakeem had for Titan’s show and gave them to Becky.

Lucious experienced uncontrollable tremors while trying to shave, and finally told Anika he had ALS.

Cookie visited Jamal in his new apartment to appeal to him to get to work and get himself together.

Anika informed Hakeem and Tiana, aka “Takeem,” that she had secured their performance at the Teen Choice Awards nominations announcement.  Tina texted Cookie to make sure she was OK with it, but Anika insisted that she had worked too hard for Cookie to mess up this opportunity.

Cookie went to see Titan’s mother at the Nation of Islam center and told her that Lucious wanted to help Titan get out of jail and back in the studio.

Andre covered for Lucious when the police questioned his whereabouts the night Bunky was murdered.  A flashback showed a young Andre and Lucious in a similar situation back in the day, when the police came to their house and Andre hid Lucious’ gun in his box of Legos.

Anika and Lucious met with Titan’s manager, who mistook Anika for Lucious’ assistant, and just as she was setting him straight gun shots were fired into the restaurant.

Cookie told Lucious that she went to see Titan’s mother and that she had made inroads with her, and Lucious agreed to let her continue working on her to get Titan.  Cookie revealed that the Nation of Islam killed Lucious’ father, but stopped short of telling the whole story.

Lucious coached Hakeem in the studio on how to be sensual, and told Hakeem that even if he didn’t like his mother, he had better respect her.

Jamal stopped by Empire offices to give the money back from his gig at Leviticus.  Lucious reminded him he was on the payroll like everyone else, but Jamal snapped back that he would not accept money for something he didn’t create.

Cookie set up dinner for Tiana and Hakeem at her house, but Hakeem never showed up.  Tiana went to his penthouse and walked in on Hakeem and Camilla.

Tiana got in Hakeem’s face about disrespecting Cookie and being late to sound check, but said she could care less about him messing with Camilla.   They nailed their Teen Choice Awards performance.

Jamal strolled through Bushwick and was inspired by the sights and sounds on the night streets.

Lucious visited Titan in jail and offered him $1.7 to sign with Empire.  He left him with a phone to start recording.