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Claudia Jordan & NeNe Go At It

It was a war or words last night on “Real Housewives Of Atlanta” between NeNe Leakes and Claudia Jordan and we’re not which peach came out on top. Girl, who are we fooling? Claudia Jordan read NeNe Leakes for filth. Good gawd it was nasty but so damn good.

For whatever reason, NeNe and Claudia act like sworn enemies from birth and things came to a roaring head during their trip to Puerto Rico. These newbies are out for blood. It all started when NeNe called Claudia a puppet. “NeNe stop please,” Claudia responded. And then it all went down hill from there. “From the woman who is the puppet master,” she added.

“I’m a puppet master on these jobs,” NeNe clapped back. “Which jobs the ones that got cancelled?” Claudia replied.

“You wish you had what I have in the bank, darling,” NeNe said and then it happened. Claudia mentioned NeNe’s stripping days. “17 years I’ve been working, I didn’t have to get on a pole.” Insert wide eye emoji here.

After a few more digs, Claudia and NeNe got into it about their age (both women are in their 40s), “When you were my age, you had edges.” Oh girl no.

NeNe dug deep into her bag of tricks and pulled out this one, “Money couldn’t buy you a new p*ssy could it?”

Needle jumps off the record. Watch the epic showdown for yourself:

In related Claudia Jordan news, the Rickey Smiley radio host revealed her struggle with hammer toes and was dragged up and down the Internet:


If that wasn’t enough shade to last you a lifetime, Demetria McKinney and Phaedra Parks got into it and it got equally as ugly.

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