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Beauties, it appears that once again Idris Elba is playing with our emotions!

Last night we pointed out certain paparazzi shots of the sexy actor that appeared to show a HUGE bulge in his pants while he was on set in London (in case you missed it, see he picture below). Now, our brother site tried to tell us that, in these pictures, Idris could’ve simply been “sporting a poorly placed microphone,” but the actor “can get it” from many of you out there, and imaginations began to run wild in another direction.

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On our Facebook page over 25, 000 of you liked the post with the picture in question, some 2,400 of you shared it with a girlfriend, and over 1,5000 of you couldn’t help but to comment on the enticing implications:

“Why do y’all think he has that infamous walk ladies!!!!??? Toting around all that wood!….lol”

“Hell I saw that fire hose in the movie ‘Takers’ I would like to clone him!” “Yes lawd in those black briefs!”  (LOL some of you even put the 2010 movie on your Netflix cue for the weekend…report back with the time stamp of that scene)

“Lord Have Mercy!!!! Mine eyes have seen the glory! Woo wee.

I feel bad for all the men in the world who actually believe that size doesn’t matter.”  

(Ha! several of you called on the name of a higher power to help you deal) 


Well….ladies we hate to be the bearers of bad news, but the actor says everything wasn’t as it appeared. Here’s what he Tweeted today:


*insert sad trombone*


There may be a silver lining to this unfortunate turn of events; the actor did joke that Calvin Klein might be interested in featuring him in their next underwear ad:


A 2007 Calvin Klein Underwear campaign featured  Djimon Hounsou — in  all his chocolate glory — wearing teeny briefs that showed off a bulging package.  In 2010,  Mehcad Brooks got the same treatment (in case you missed those campaigns, click on their names — you’re welcome!). Can you imagine if Idris followed suit!?

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Before we hold our breath that CK will give Idris the “foot long john” treatment, it’s worth noting that this isn’t the first time the actor has gotten the Internet in a tizzy after dangling jokes in front of our faces. Remember back in January when he Tweeted, “My Bow makes my d*ck hard every time I smile…is that normal?”….with a picture of himself in a bow tie? Ugh, he’s such a tease!


But even if he was just ribbing us with the underwear campaign comment this time too, after the way the Internet almost broke yesterday when that paparazzi picture got out, somebody needs to give women a real view in a sexy skivvies ad.

In the meantime, a girl can dream.  Carry on!


Are you buying Idris’ ‘microphone’ explanation? Tell us in the poll below!


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